*As much as possible, please, hire rightly "validated" contractors who are actually based in our state.

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Thank you for investing time in your personal schedule to consider one of the most profound subjects of your home life as a private home decision maker in the state of Washington: Contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects. Albeit that there are other crucial concerns of the private home settings, our primary concern on this site are to inspire your efforts towards:

1. Ensuring that you have adequate protocol or a working system for scouting, selecting, declining, hiring, firing, and/or settling with individual contractors and/or contract firms;

2. Knowing which remedial actions you can take in the event you feel/are threatened by dishonest contractors;

3. Knowing which remedial actions you can take in case you feel/are defrauded by dishonest contractors;

4. Ensuring that the individual contractors/contract firms are  legally cleared and verified (5 favorable customer references, included) to expeditiously perform your specific type of home project in the state of Washington;

5. Being very, very cautious of making deals with contractors online without first meeting them personally (adding to that having the contractor fill out your screening document (obtainable here: Contractor Validating);

6. Using a practically fool-proof system for screening contractors.


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